I've been trying to make some galleries for each of the chapters (as previews) and I'd like to use what's on the wiki already before uploading more images.

I'm utterly horrified with how very very badly named the picture files are. Now, just numbers like "045.jpg" isn't descriptive, but at least it's short.

But the worst offenders are the ones like one:

218092 116956498383186 100002065087390 154381 736066 n.jpg

Yes, that's an actual file depicting a very nice image of our much loved Tasuku Kurosaki. Just put "File: " in front on that monster and you'll see a great picture that has been ruined by a bad file name.

This is an incredibly bad file name as well:

Tumblr lpguoeLtz81qfur2qo1 500.jpg.

It's difficult and unwielding for using in the wiki because it's long and it's basically a string of nonsense. I'm trying to avoid them for the galleries, but I'm surprised at how many there are.

This is important because only administrators can rename/move or delete files. And there is no active administrator on the wiki at the moment.

So, basically: please rename your image files before uploading them.

Thank you muchly!

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