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    Over the past few months, I've noticed that there have been no substantial edits to the wiki by many editors. Notably, the founder (thus, the only administrator and bureaucrat of the wiki) has not edited anything in over 11 months.

    Because of housekeeping issues (the most critical being the badly named image files that should either be renamed or deleted and reuploaded), I think that an administator is needed for the wiki.

    I would like to put in an adoption request the wikia community to become the administrator of the Dengeki Daisy wikia.

    Because I wasn't sure of the qualifications to become administrator and wanted to see if other senior editors of the wiki would be making the request, I did not make this request until now. I have looked over…

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  • Chatellerault

    I've been trying to make some galleries for each of the chapters (as previews) and I'd like to use what's on the wiki already before uploading more images.

    I'm utterly horrified with how very very badly named the picture files are. Now, just numbers like "045.jpg" isn't descriptive, but at least it's short.

    But the worst offenders are the ones like one:

    218092 116956498383186 100002065087390 154381 736066 n.jpg

    Yes, that's an actual file depicting a very nice image of our much loved Tasuku Kurosaki. Just put "File: " in front on that monster and you'll see a great picture that has been ruined by a bad file name.

    This is an incredibly bad file name as well:

    Tumblr lpguoeLtz81qfur2qo1 500.jpg.

    It's difficult and unwielding for using in the wiki bec…

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  • Chatellerault

    Template troubles

    December 8, 2011 by Chatellerault

    So, I've adopted a template for the chapters here, Template:Infobox_Chapter. The template's design was taken from the one for the Zettai Karen Children wiki and modified for this wiki.

    Unfortunately, it's not ready for use because no matter what I've tried, I can't seem to get it so the image's size can be adjusted. The image will display at its actual size rather than an edited size. I tried to modify one from the Twelve Kingdoms wiki, which only managed not to display the image. I've looked everywhere and I've tried everything I can think of to modify the image parameters on the template, but no luck. None of the other wiki or the general wikia community seem to have this issue.

    At this point, I'm too frustrated to continue - I'm getting ang…

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