aka Alyssa

  • I live in FL/TX/MA, USA
  • My occupation is Works in Book Publishing
  • I am Female
  • Catstop

    I would like to get the "Caffeinated" award one time.

    I would like to post a talk message on every active user (including the admin) talk page, asking a question, giving some info, or just saying "hello".

    I would like to get 5 people to click back on a share link of mine.

    I would like to add 139 category pages, thus adding the "Wiki Planner" award.

    I would like to make at least 32 edits to the wiki, thus adding the "Wiki Builder" award.

    I would like to add 10 picture pages.

    I would like to get the 1000th luck edit.

    I would like to build out a complete "Fanmade Portal" for this wiki.

    I would like to get closer to becoming an admin on this wiki, by contributing more.

    Thanks everyone!

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