New Year's
New years
First page of the extra chapter.
Japanese Title 番外編 ~ お正月編
Romaji Title Bangai-hen - Oshōgatsu-hen
Volume Volume 16
Chapter Extra
Chapter Guide
Bonus Feature: To the Tip of the Nails
Bonus Chapter: Daisy Special Episode Part 1

New Year's[1] (番外編 ~ お正月編, Bangai-hen - Oshōgatsu-hen) is a bonus story for Dengeki Daisy. It was originally published in Betsucomi Deluxe and is included volume sixteen of the series. The story is set after some time in Teru's second year of high school, the day after the New Year's Eve extra chapter[2].


The hero, Tasuku Kurosaki, opens a door to find Soichiro Kurebayashi, a mage who commends his progress. Soichiro announces to the hero that Princess Teru and Glasses-Uncle Takeda have been enchanted so their bodies have been switched and that Kurosaki may choose only one to awaken with a kiss. Kurosaki unflinchingly chooses the kiss the body of Takeda, saying that he loves Teru no matter how she looks.

Before he kissed Takeda's body, Kurosaki woke up. It's revealed that it was Kurosaki's first dream of the year, which he has recounted to Takeda during a visit to the shrine with Teru and Riko to receive their annual fortunes. When Takeda asks why Kurosaki isn't more upset, Kurosaki grumbles that he doesn't why know he isn't and that it was a random dream, though he also adds that he probably would have done exactly that if it really happened.


  1. Dengeki Daisy manga, Viz Media translation
  2. Volume 16 author's note, The two-page New Year's manga is set during Teru's second year in high school... somewhere about a day after the New Year in the extra in volume six?

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