BetsucomiChapter Eight: Close FriendChapter Eighteen: The Fourth Man
Chapter Eleven: Thank You AlwaysChapter Fifteen: To Become a Dishonest WomanChapter Fifty-Eight: That Day Grows Nearer
Chapter Fifty-Five: Crush His Plot (Part 1)Chapter Fifty-Four: A Child's Decision, An Adult's ResolveChapter Fifty-Nine: With Our Conviction
Chapter Fifty-One: A Dangerous Love GameChapter Fifty-Seven: Footsteps from the Past...Chapter Fifty-Six: Crush His Plot (Part 2)
Chapter Fifty-Three: With Our Friendship on the LineChapter Fifty-Two: A Last Testament, an Answer, and FriendshipChapter Fifty: It's Too Soon to Become a Man
Chapter Five: I'll be Close to You When the Time ComesChapter Forty-Eight: Rena's FiancéChapter Forty-Five: Trial and Tribulation
Chapter Forty-Four: A Ghost AppearsChapter Forty-Nine: Bury the Frustration in Your HeartChapter Forty-One: Sin's Whereabouts
Chapter Forty-Seven: Daisy BellChapter Forty-Six: Just Looking Pretty Doesn't WorkChapter Forty-Three: You've Got Mail
Chapter Forty-Two: I Want to Feel YouChapter Forty: ReunionChapter Four: That Man - Near Yet So Far
Chapter Fourteen: SecretChapter Nine: The Hero's at That Age...Chapter Nineteen: What I Can Do for You
Chapter One: That Man – Is He Trustworthy?Chapter Seven: I Will Protect HimChapter Seventeen: The Name of That Flower
Chapter Seventy-Four: Let's Go Home TogetherChapter Seventy-One: Good Luck CharmChapter Seventy-Three: Our Future
Chapter Seventy-Two: My Hero Will Come!Chapter Seventy: Unbreakable HeartChapter Six: Miss, There's Been an Incident
Chapter Sixteen: Which is it You Feel?Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Decision To Be HappyChapter Sixty-Five: Professor Midorikawa's Will
Chapter Sixty-Four: A Message from Soichiro (Part 2)Chapter Sixty-Nine: Time to MoveChapter Sixty-One: Attack
Chapter Sixty-Seven: Because Time is PreciousChapter Sixty-Six: What Was EntrustedChapter Sixty-Three: A Message from Soichiro (Part 1)
Chapter Sixty-Two: Feelings and PainChapter Sixty: I Depend on YouChapter Ten: You Won't Be Here
Chapter Thirteen: The Moment of TruthChapter Thirty-Eight: The Start of the "Sin"Chapter Thirty-Five: Be Happy
Chapter Thirty-Four: Truth Rears Its HeadChapter Thirty-Nine: The Day "Daisy" was BornChapter Thirty-One: What was Taken from Me
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Two MenChapter Thirty-Six: Memorable SongChapter Thirty-Three: I'll be Able to See You
Chapter Thirty-Two: A Lost Child's HeartChapter Thirty: I'm the Only One Who KnowsChapter Three: I'm Still Green
Chapter Twelve: Inside that Cell PhoneChapter Twenty-Eight: The Possibility of a Happy EndingChapter Twenty-Five: Best in the World
Chapter Twenty-Four: Stay by My SideChapter Twenty-Nine: No Match for Cute GirlsChapter Twenty-One: The First...
Chapter Twenty-Seven: DeterminationChapter Twenty-Six: KissChapter Twenty-Three: Losing Something Important in Order to Protect It
Chapter Twenty-Two: Each and Every HurtChapter Twenty: To the One I Love DearlyChapter Two: Even if for an Instant, a Hero!
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